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The Tempest - A Graphic Novel (Classics in Graphics) - Paperback


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The magical tale of The Tempest brought to life through the visual talents of illustrator Edu Coll. The fantastical revenge story is a swirling delight on the page - as Prospero conducts the story to his desired end.

 is at the heart of this series, flinging wide the doors of literature for everyone to enter and understand. Including dyslexia-friendly design on every page, and encouraging readers to see themselves in iconic roles - casting spells, falling in love and winning duels.

Each graphic novel includes pitch-perfect illustrations for presenting the tragic, the romantic, the comedic and  the magical.

Every purchase you make supports the work of Shakespeare's Globe. Thank you!


Author: Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore

Illustrator: Edu Coll

Reading age: 9 -14 years

Format: Paperback

Size: 170 mm x 244 mm x 12 mm

Pages: 112


I read the book in 24 hours and loved it; I want to read a lot more Shakespeare books now! The story was set on an island. A BIG island. My favourite part was when everybody on the ship wreck found each other and was happy that Alonso`s son (Ferdinand) was still alive. My other favourite part was when Prospero set Ariel free because Ariel was Prospero`s servant spirit. I look forward to reading the next Shakespeare adventure.

Jevon (Age 11)