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The Conway Stewart Sterling Silver Shakespeare Pen


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The Conway Stewart Sterling Silver Shakespeare pen commemorates the 400th anniversary of the publication of William Shakespeare’s First Folio printed in 1623 containing his 36 plays. 

The First Folio brought Shakespeare’s plays together in a single publication and gave the world the joy of his writing. Without this publication, many of his plays might never have been known today, which would be a real Shakespearean tragedy!

The Shakespeare Pen has been designed and handcrafted in England by a small group of highly talented silversmiths and pen technicians who have incorporated the essence of the world’s greatest playwright into a fountain pen that’s as English as Shakespeare. Each pen is made to order and comes presented in a beautiful leather gift-box.

Classically elegant in design, the Shakespeare Pen Sterling Silver bears a full set of English hallmarks to confirm its quality and purity. English hallmarks have been used as evidence of purity of precious metals since 1300, well before Shakespeare was born.

And there’s a closer link with William Shakespeare… His father, John Shakespeare, was a well-to-do glover and whittawer in Stratford upon Avon, and made silk gloves and purses for the nobility. At that time, silk was very fashionable with the aristocracy so when it came to making a decision about the engraved pattern on the cap and barrel of the Shakespeare Pen it seemed appropriate to use a traditional engine-turned pattern known as ‘silk’ which was used by many English silversmiths in the past, but is rarely seen today.

On the end of the cap is an image of William Shakespeare which has been taken from the title page of his First Folio, published in 1623. 

‘Made in England’ is also engraved on the cap top to reflect that not only is the pen made in England, but so was the world’s greatest playwright.

There is nothing quite like writing with a fountain pen. The ink flows from the nib in a way that aids thought and concentration. We cannot guarantee that your writings will become as famous as those of Shakespeare but owning the Shakespeare Pen Sterling Silver may inspire you to write great words of comfort, love and wisdom to your friends, family and loved ones.

Available as a fountain pen or rollerball 

The Shakespeare Sterling Silver Pen is available as a Fountain Pen fitted with medium 2-tone 18ct gold nibs, or a Rollerball with a black ink medium refill. A rollerball which is like a biro/ballpoint but has the free-flowing ink qualities of a fountain pen. Beautiful to write with, yet has the convenience of a ball-point. 

Filling Mechanism

This pen has a dual filling system. It is fitted with a converter (reservoir) which allows the user to draw ink from a bottle or alternatively, you may remove the converter and use standard European ink cartridges. All our fountain pens come with 2 complimentary cartridges so you can start to use it immediately. 

Every purchase you make supports the work of Shakespeare's Globe. Thank you!

Dimensions & Weight

  Length Closed: 145mm 5.71"

  Length Posted: 176mm 6.93"

  Length of Barrel incl nib: 126mm 4.96"

  Length of Cap: 70mm │2.75"

  Diameter of Barrel: 13mm │0.51"

  Diameter of Cap: 16mm │0.63"

  Weight: 46gms 1.62oz