Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays The Rent by Judi Dench Book Review

Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays The Rent by Judi Dench Book Review

Reading this book has been like sitting on a cosy sofa chatting to your friends. The conversation between Judi and Brendan flows so easily and does such a wonderful job at making the reader feel that you are a part of it.

Judi’s knowledge and recall of almost every one of Shakespeare’s plays is incredible. It is like a ‘Sparks Note’ on each play’s plot but with a deep dive into understanding characters and how as an actor you might consider playing them (with a few cheeky behind the scenes stories thrown in for good measure). The descriptions of; various sets, costumes, relationships with fellow actors and directors are so vivid, you can imagine it all as if you are watching it like a fly on the wall.

I thought Judi’s awareness that, could she go back and play all these roles again she would do it even better simply wonderful. It read as such brilliant advice to all actors; that from each job you do, every experience you have, you are enriched.

Her love for Shakespeare’s work is inspiring and insightful. A truly wonderful read, a perfect book to take your time with and come back to certain chapters when working on specific texts.


Reviewed by Grace (Visitor Operations Assistant) 


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