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Whether you’re looking for an in depth look at one of Shakespeare’s many iconic plays, or a modern reworking of one of Shakespeare’s classics, Shakespeare’s Globe Shop has the books you want to read, to learn and enjoy. With a selection of books for all age ranges, if you’re looking for a book about Shakespeare you’ve come to the right place!

Go on, pick up a book, crack the spine and let the written word transport you to a whole new world of Shakespeare you never new existed.


Play Texts


Arden Shakespeare

Our selection of Arden Shakespeare texts are highly detailed scholarly editions of Shakespeare’s play. These paperback books feature introductions by leading scholars, detailed notes, and modernized text with a full glossary. Arden editions explain literary allusions and discuss staging issues to give the reader a full understanding of both interpreting and performing Shakespeare’s plays.


New Cambridge Shakespeare

The New Cambridge Shakespeare paperback editions are edited by an international team of experts and are available for all of Shakespeare’s sonnets, poems, and plays. These books include photographs from recent staging’s of Shakespeare’s plays, recreations, and illustrations to give a truly in-depth account into every scene and character that Shakespeare has depicted. New Cambridge Shakespeare editions are presented as modern spelling texts with written commentary on every page to break down the play in detail for the modern reader.


Oxford University Press Shakespeare

Oxford University Press paperback editions of Shakespeare’s plays are presented in a two-column format so that the reader can make quick work of reference checking and seeking out explanations for less commonly used wording. These books provide detailed explanations of Shakespeare’s plays, scene by scene and line by line.


Macmillan Collector’s Library Shakespeare

Collector’s Library editions of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets are designed to look great! These pocket-sized hardback books feature a beautifully illustrated slipcover, ribbon marker, real cloth binding, and attractive gilt-edged pages. Conveniently sized so that they can be carried around with you anywhere, these books look great sitting on your shelf and are sure to delight when given as a gift.


Books for Adults


Cambridge Shakespeare Editions

Cambridge University Press editions are developed by leading experts on Shakespeare from across the globe. With an international advisory board and general editors from both the United Kingdom and Canada, Cambridge Shakespeare Editions offer an in depth look into Shakespeare in society and how it is interpreted through religion and race alongside detailed depictions of the play themselves.


Historical Fiction

Our selection of historical fiction for adult readers has been hand selected by our retail team and offers those interested in Shakespeare a look into the world during Shakespeare’s time, both real and imaginary. From gripping thrillers to complete reworkings of Shakespeare’s plays, you won’t want to put down these books once you start them!


Shakespeare Reimagined

If you didn’t think that Shakespeare could be a carefree read, you’ve obviously never stumbled upon our selection of Shakespeare’s works reimagined. This collection of books is aimed at older readers and offers everything from beautifully illustrated manga for all of Shakespeare’s plays, to your favourite films told as Shakespeare’s works. From Deadpool to Star Wars to Mean Girls, Shakespeare’s most iconic plays have been completely reimagined and retold as some of modern days most instantly recognisable films. Reader beware, once you open one of these books you may not be able to close it until you’ve reached the end!


Book Boxes

Shakespeare’s Globe Shop offers a selection of book boxes that make the perfect easy gifting solution. Whether this is a gift for a friend or a loved one, or one for yourself, our book boxes will bring Shakespeare onto your bookshelf and into your heart in new and creative ways.

Our play themed gift boxes combine clothing and homeware with a beautiful collector’s edition play text to give you a thoughtful sampling of gifts inspired by your favourite work.

Our monthly book box is geared for adult readers and features a new paperback novel inspired by William Shakespeare and his plays every month. Accompanying your book is a selection of small stationary inspired by Shakespeare’s plays. All our books boxes are packaged in a hard card box and stuffed with paper shredding to that it can be gifted or enjoyed immediately.

You can choose to buy a book box as a one-off purchase with us, or subscribe for 3 month, 6 months, or even a year. Every box is carefully planned by our retail team and every month is advertised on our webshop in the weeks before it is sent out so that you can see exactly what you will be receiving prior to placing or receiving your order.


Shakespeare for Younger Readers


Manga Shakespeare

Manga Shakespeare are not only fun to read but they are educational too! These critically acclaimed paperback books feature abridged versions of Shakespeare’s plays, accompanied by dynamic manga illustrations. Edited by a leading Shakespeare scholar and advised by educators, Manga Shakespeare makes the bards works more accessible to a younger, modern audience.


Usborne Shakespeare Graphic Novels

Usborne hardback books for young readers are based on Shakespeare’s plays and feature age-appropriate text accompanied by beautiful graphic imagery aimed at readers 9 and up. These simplified versions of Shakespeare’s most famous plays are designed for middle years accelerated reader interest levels, with every book full of richly coloured images helping guide young readers through Shakespeare’s iconic works.


Usborne Shakespeare for Young Readers

Usborne retellings of Shakespeare’s most popular plays are presented in hardback format and geared for younger readers ages 6 and up. These versions of Shakespeare’s plays feature full colour imagery throughout and are developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton for lower years accelerated reading interest levels.

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