Macbeth Gifts

Grouping of Macbeth texts with white china mug and orange pen on wooden stage

If Macbeth is your favourite of Shakespeare’s plays then the Globe Shop has got gifts to really make you scream!


Exclusive Macbeth Designs


‘Something wicked this way comes’

This quote is spoken by the Second Witch in act 4, scene 1 of Macbeth.

If you’re feeling really wicked and you want to make sure that everyone knows about it, we have the clothing you’ll want to be wearing.

Our 100% cotton black unisex ‘Wicked’ t-shirt features bold white and orange graphic text in the centre front. This t-shirt is available is sizes small through to double extra-large and can be found in store and online. Our unisex cotton and polyester blend black sweatshirts feature the same graphic text, highlighting ‘Wicked’ in orange against the white text of the rest of the quote. This sweatshirt is available in sizes small through to double extra-large and can be purchased both online and in store.

All of our clothing is printed in the UK and our printer uses Global Organic Textile Standard approved water-based inks, which are less harmful to the environment.

If you’re looking for something for when you’re on the go, our black 100% cotton two handled tote bag is printed and sewn in the UK and features the same white and orange graphic text as the rest of the range. The graphic is printed on one side of the bag only, with the back side featuring the Shakespeare’s Globe logo in matching orange colour.

For colder days, we also have our knit black beanie hat which is embroidered in the UK with the same text graphic as our t-shirt, bag, and sweatshirt. This beanie is 100% acrylic and designed to fit most heads. This wicked addition to your wardrobe is sure to keep you warm while ensuring you look cool.

If you would prefer a smaller pick up item, this quote is also available on a square black magnet, a black paper notepad and a bright orange plastic pen.

Our stylish ‘Wicked’ range is designed by our very own head of retail and has a cleverly disguised sword in place of the ‘I’ in ‘Wicked’.

Accompanying this range which has been designed in house we have a stylish quill brooch made from Greencast 100% recycled Perspex acrylic. This gunmetal coloured reflective brooch features the ‘Something wicked this way comes’ quote engraved across the length of the feather. This fun accessory is made in the UK by Folk & Fortune who use 100% recycled Perspex for all their pieces for the Shakespeare’s Globe Shop, ensuring that any offcuts are re-pressed to form new sheets and no materials go to landfill.

‘Will these hands ne’er be clean?’

This quote is spoken by Lady Macbeth in act 5, scene 1 of Macbeth.

Who says you can’t have a little fun while washing up? Our white cotton tea towel is printed and sewn in the UK and features the bloody handprint with scratchy black text across it, reading ‘Will these hands ne’er be clean?’. This tea towel is available both online and in store and our printer uses Global Organic Textile Standard approved water-based inks, which are less harmful to the environment.

If you would prefer something smaller with this design, we also offer this design on a hard paper bookmark so you’ll never forget your place in your book and on a paper notepad. When you’re done writing in your notepad, don’t throw it away, tear off the front cover and send it as a postcard!

A fun fact about this range which was designed by our head of retail Meghan Cole, she used her own hand to create the bloody print your see with this quote, making it totally unique to the Globe shop.

‘Out, damned spot! Out, I say!’

This quote is spoken by Lady Macbeth in act 5 scene 1 of Macbeth.

One of Lady Macbeth’s most memorable quotes from the play, our head of retail has taken a gruesome approach to interpreting these words. With blood pouring down this design, the frantic black text is not lost on the white background.

This blood curdling design is available on our 100% cotton, machine washable tea towels. Made and printed in the UK, this tea towel makes a great gift and is sure to get a conversation started when it’s hung up in your own kitchen!

Sip on something spooky that may just make your stomach turn! Our white, glazed earthenware mug features gooey red globs of blood falling down the outside of the cup and Lady Macbeth’s most recognisable quote on the inside rim to remind you of these famous words, every time you take a drink.

For a small memento, our white square magnet features the same design and quote as the mug and tea towel. We also sell a white travelcard holder with the blood-dripping graphic on both sides of the exterior and a rubber eraser with the same frantic text and multiple red blood splatters across one side.

If you’re wanting to give a nod to the Lady herself without making it so obvious, our earthenware clay cufflinks are the way to go. Handmade in the UK by Allison Wiffen Ceramics, these stylish cufflinks feature both the quote, ‘Out damned spot! Out I say!’ on one cufflink and a single drop of blood on the other. These white square accessories measure 15mm across and are backed with a non-allergenic tin alloy.

Macbeth books

The Globe Shop sells a range of Macbeth texts for readers of all ages. For readers ager 6-9, Usborne’s hardback version of Macbeth features simplified text and colourful imagery for introducing young readers to this iconic work. For readers aged 9-14 years we have Classics in Graphics Macbeth Graphic Novel by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore and illustrated by Jason Millet and Edu Rubio which pairs age appropriate text with bold graphic images. If you’re looking for a modern interpretation of Macbeth for older readers, Manga Macbeth, by Robert Deas is an easy to follow, beautifully illustrated version of the play. For adults we have Oxford Shakespeare, Arden Shakespeare, and our pocket library editions of Macbeth.

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