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Earthenware Mug 
Our earthenware mugs are printed with exclusive designs that mirror collections across the store and online. These mugs feature all over printings of Shakespearean quotes accompanied by exclusive graphics. From unsettlingly realistic dripping blood on our Macbeth mug to a flower bouquet design celebrating Romeo & Juliet. 
Fine Bone China Mug 
Our fine bone china mug features a beautiful design by local embroidery artist Tina Crawford. This machine embroidered design portrays the Globe Theatre in a new light. With whimsical black lines, carrying on all the way to the edge of the mug, the thread lines give the Globe Theatre drawing movement. The thread drawn quote on the inner lip of the mug reading ‘within the wooden O’ solidifies this mug as a beautiful memory piece.  
Porcelain Mug 
Our beautiful porcelain mug is available both in store and online, featuring an adaptation of a linocut from Rowan Tree Print. This dishwasher safe mug features a stylised drawing of the Globe Theatre on either side, along with the quote ‘I like this place, and willingly I could waste my time in it.’  
Drinks Bottle 
Our exclusive drinks bottles are available in either matt black or white and made of stainless steel. These bottles are vacuum insulated, keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. Each of our drinks bottles features an exclusive print which has been designed by us.