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With so many instantly recognisable quotes, it’s hard for us to choose just one to put on a t-shirt, so we put our favourites on lots of different t-shirts for you to enjoy! Whether you're shopping for yourself of looking for a unique gift, our t-shirts bring Shakespeare's works with you everywhere you go. 
We offer an extensive range of adult t-shirts both in store and online which feature designs and quotes inspired by Shakespeare’s works and designed by us. Our exclusive t-shirt offering ranges from macabre to downright playful and we take time to look for quotes that are relevant today. Our t-shirts are designed to fit right in with current popular culture, we hope you think they’re as cool as we do.
We have a wider selection of print to order t-shirts that are available to buy exclusively online. We aren’t able to offer every design in store all the time because we just don’t have the space, but if a t-shirt proves very popular online we try to bring it in store for a quick pick up.
Our t-shirts are made of 100% cotton and both our print to order, and our stock t-shirts are printed in Wales in the same printing house. Our printer uses Global Organic Textile Standard approved water-based inks, which are less harmful to the environment.