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Shakespeare's Globe: Theatrical Experiment

Shakespeare's Globe: Theatrical Experiment

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 From 1997 Shakespeare's Globe flourished once more on London's South Bank after an absence of 400 years. The playhouse is now a major attraction for theatregoers, scholars, tourists, teachers and students of all ages who come to experience Shakespeare's plays and those of his contemporaries performed in their original conditions. The team of artists and education specialists who made this happen come together here to reflect on their 10-year experiment. Principal actors, designers, musicians and Globe Education staff engage with international scholars in a lively debate about the impact of this extraordinary building. Featuring an in-depth interview with former Artistic Director Mark Rylance and a contribution from Patrick Spottiswoode, Founder and Director of Globe Education, the book highlights the complex relationship between designer, composer, actor and audience which gives energy to this thriving Shakespearean centre.

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Editor: Christie Carson

Format: Paperback

Size: 1699mm x 2441mm

Pages: 300


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