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Christmas Decorations

Eco friendly, hand-finished, festive decorations for your Christmas tree, wreaths, and garlands which are all made in the United Kingdom. Our exclusive Shakespeare inspired Christmas decorations are the perfect pick up all year long. All our decorations are available in store and online so whether you’re visiting us in person, or looking for a memento after the fact, treat yourself to a little Christmas magic, Shakespeare style.  
Wooden Christmas Decorations 
Our wooden ornaments are handmade in the north of England and finished with decorative ribbon or rustic twine to suit all kinds of Christmas décor. Wooden Christmas ornaments are painted to depict Shakespeare, the Globe Theatre, and even a skull, inspired by Hamlet. 
Glass Baubles 
Our exclusive glass baubles feature depictions of William Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre which have been created by London based free embroidery artist Tina Crawford. All our glass Christmas baubles are made in Staffordshire and feature the same design on both sides.  
Herculite Plaster Decorations 
Our mini skull decorations, available in 4 festive colours, are crafted from robust Herculite plaster and made in a studio outside of London. Available in natural bone, festive gold, cheery copper or gothic black, these plaster skull decorations are not just for Christmas!