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The Good, the Bard, and the Ugly by Susie Donkin

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Imogen thinks she knows what Shakespeare's most famous plays are all about. Everyone does, right?

Star-crossed lovers. Naughty Greeks getting up to mischief in the woods. Scottish kings losing their minds. Young men with daddy issues. Dads who just need some positive affirmation from their daughters*. (*Okay, that's maybe putting it a bit mildly)

But when Imogen brings 14 amateur actors together to perform one of the Bard's great works in a bid to save their local community centre, it becomes apparent that she - or anyone who reads this book for that matter - will never see Shakespeare's greatest works in the same light again . . .

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Author: Susie Donkin

Format: Hardback

Size: 129 mm x 198 mm

Pages: 192

Staff Review: 

This book was not what I expected. I must admit that I did judge this book by its cover and it very much surprised me when I read it. 

This book is funny, heart warming and inspiring tale of a group of people you would never expect to band together, banding together to save their beloved local community hall. In order to stop big developers from coming in and turning their gathering space into condos, a small group of townspeople come together to stage a Shakespeare play. Most of the book plays the towns characters as Shakespeare's most famous characters as one by one our narrator tells us how each one is alike. Every person in town has a backstory that led them to this moment and it is thoroughly enjoyable to learn more about each and every one of them. 

You cannot help but root for this group of characters, they are funny and flawed and very real. I would recommend this book! 

Reviewed by Jennifer Murphy (Ecommerce Coordinator)