Proactive Retail Stock Management in the Arts and Heritage Sector

Proactive Retail Stock Management in the Arts and Heritage Sector

What type of stock do we store at the Globe Shop?

We offer a range of gifts, from mugs to t-shirts, to dozens of book titles and even alcohol. We don’t just sell large stock, but also a wide selection of small keyrings, pens, pencils, pin badges, greeting cards and even postcards. Much of our stock is stored in house in the bowels of the Globe Theatre. Finding space for all this stock to be stored safely and securely, is in the hands of the retail stock controller.

What is the proper way to store stock?

Effective stock management is crucial for us at Shakespeare’s Globe Shop to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction. Regular spot checking of our stock helps to promptly identify defective products and remove them from circulation, preventing customer dissatisfaction and upholding the Globe's promise to deliver high quality goods.

How do you store mugs?

When it comes to handling inventory, particularly fragile items like our collection of eco-friendly Earthenware mugs, are a priority for us. Our focus on protection from damage is essential in our stock management journey. By using proper storage solutions, such as padded shelves or dedicated sections with dividers, we can help prevent breakage during handling and transportation from our stockrooms to the shop floor.

How do you store t-shirts?

Using empty boxes from past deliveries, I have created a stacked storage system which has increased stockroom capacity by 50%. Implemented alongside this are clear, image-led labels which allow for online order pickers and the shop replenishment team to quickly identify and dispatch the correct items to the required destinations.  

We are constantly looking for ways to ensure more efficient stock movement to the shop floor and to fulfil online orders.

Why do we care about how our stock is stored?

With our continued efforts to DO GREEN THINGS, all packaging materials used for fragile items is made from recycled material and packaging, utilising bubble wrap, foam inserts and custom-made storage. Recycled cardboard shredding helps create a buffer against impact during transit. Incorporating these protective measures not only reduces the risk of breakage but also minimizes the likelihood of incurring losses due to damaged goods which lead to the production of unnecessary waste.

What do we do with packaging when we get deliveries?

When we get a delivery, we keep our packaging and assess whether it can be re-used to package our online orders. Everything from cardboard boxes, to bubble wrap, to shredded paper is saved and stored for re-use. We do buy packaging as well, where we don’t have enough stored packaging, but we are regularly calling out to our colleagues in the Globe for more and more to be saved. We are committed to finding a second use for as much as we possibly can.

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