Meet the Maker - Rowan Tree Print

Meet the Maker - Rowan Tree Print

What got you started making/creating your designs/products?

I have always been a maker of things, and as a child I dreamed of being an Artist when I grew up! I studied Fine Art at university and produced mainly sculpture and installation work, however this is not an easy thing to make and store in a North London flat. So, about 15 years ago I decided to re-visit linocut printmaking, and never looked back. I love the process of carving a block and the magic moment that you get when you reveal a print.

How would you describe your designing/creating style?

I would describe my designs as bold, hand carved linocut prints. My aim is to make you smile with a witty quote or a pun!

What is your motto?

Creativity takes courage.

This is stolen from Matisse, but I think it’s true.

What was your first success with your designs/products?

Probably the very first time someone spent their hard-earned money on something I have made. It’s still exciting to think that my artworks and products have found homes all over the world!

Tell us about your design process.

Everything starts with a sketch and then carving the image into a block of lino. I enjoy this lo-fi process and the physicality of drawing, carving and printing the design by hand. I also think that this gives a quality of line that is not present in an image produced digitally. I like that you can see the hand of the artist.

How important is environmental sustainability of your products?

Very important. The greeting cards and envelopes are made from recycled card, and everything is packaged in biodegradable or recyclable materials. When outsourcing production, I opt for smaller companies who are based in the UK, are eco conscious and don’t use animal products.

What has been your most interesting commission?

I was asked to make a linocut map, to guide people along the route of the River Fleet (one of the many London rivers which are now hidden underground). I was reluctant at first as it was way out of my comfort zone, but I am so glad that I said yes. It was good to challenge myself and I learnt so much about London, the city I love!

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