Rose Ring

Rose Ring

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This ring is a copy of a gold ring found during the excavation of the Rose Playhouse on Bankside.  The Rose Playhouse was a contemporary and rival of the Globe Theatre and saw plays by both Shakespeare and Marlowe performed. The ring is engraved with the French inscription  'PENCES POVR MOYE DV'. The letters ‘DV’ stand for the Latin words ‘Deo Volente’ and the inscription translates as ‘Think of me God willing’.

The ring is also decorated with a heart and two crossed arrows.  Please note that the ring is a copy of a very old piece of jewellery and although the inside of the ring is perfectly round the outside has all the imperfections and markings of the original which adds to the piece's charm and history.

This ring makes a truly special gift for a loved one or for yourself and comes in a gift box with a brief history of the ring inside.

Available in Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Copper


Small (approx. 16mm diametre, UK size K, US size 5.5)

Medium (approx. 18mm diameter, UK size P, US size 8)

Large (approx. 20mm diametre, UK size U, US size 10.5)