Rectangular purse made from unbleached cotton with a black zip closure. The purse is printed with a design adapted from an original print in black, a bumble bee and a quote from Shakespeare play, Hamlet (to be or not to be) is surrounded by a ring of flowers and leaves. Smaller bees surround the central image, flying in different directions.

Hamlet Purse (To Bee or Not to Bee) - Print to Order

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"To be or not to be, that is the question?"

Little cotton bag covered in bumble bees. Great used as a purse, card wallet, crayon holder or for make-up essentials. Adapted from a design by London printmaker, Rowan Tree Print

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Size: 135 mm x 95 mm

Material: 100% cotton

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Spoken by Hamlet in act 3, scene 1 of Hamlet.