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The Shakespeare Plot - The Dark Forest
The Shakespeare Plot - The Dark Forest

The Shakespeare Plot - The Dark Forest

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To read or not to read? With a pulse-pounding historical thriller series like The Shakespeare Plot there’s really only one answer! The second installment in this stunning historical-thriller trilogy. The year is 1603. Alice Fletcher’s brother, Richard, has returned from beyond the grave, but he has lost his memory. Alice, Richard and Tom Cavendish are called upon to foil a Catholic plot against the new king, James I, involving the abduction of the most famous playwright in the land – William Shakespeare.

Packed with a heady Elizabethan atmosphere of political scheming, romance and murder. The swiftly paced, suspenseful plot will keep young readers on the edge of their seats while giving them an insight into the history of Shakespeare’s England.

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Author: Alex Woolf

Format: Hardback

Size: 140mm x 204mm

Pages: 327


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