Henriad Boxset DVD
Henriad Boxset DVD

Henriad Boxset DVD

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A Box Set containing Performances of Henry IV Part 1 & 2,Henry V and Richard II. This specially packaged DVD contains a photo booklet which includes mini essays about the shows. 

Henry IV Parts 1 + 2

The 2010 Globe productions of Shakespeare's gripping account of the rise of Hal from idle barfly to monarch-in-waiting combines compelling power politics with the hilarious antics of Falstaff, Shakespeare's greatest comic creation.

Roger Allam won the 2011 Best Actor Olivier Award for his performance in Henry IV Parts 1 and 2.

Henry V

The 2012 Globe season production, directed by Dominic Dromgoole. The production stars Jamie Parker in the title role, who 'casts such a rapt spell that you feel the entire audience would rise up to march behind him' (The Independent).

Capped by one of the most famous speeches ever written, Henry V recalls a truely great English victory.

Richard II

Shakespeare's Globe 2015 production of Richard II filmed on the Globe stage.

Shakespeare bestows wonderfully virtuosic language on his history of the entitled, vain, aloof, then suddenly vulnerable Richard II, a monarch for whom the Bard penned some of his most luxurious lines.  In a 'lucid and compelling' production from director Simon Godwin, Charles Edwards in the title role 'brings a lovely light touch to the black comedy of Richard's blithe self-centredness' (The Independant).  His highly accomplished performance 'movingly graduates into tragedy in the final act' endowing the play with 'exceptional variety of texture' (Guardian ****).




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