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Pocket-sized notepad with a white cover printed with the words of a song sung by Ophelia in Shakespeare play, Hamlet. The letters are hand drawn and the quote is surrounded by grey ivy leaves.
Hamlet Pocket Notepad (Ophelia's Song)

Hamlet Pocket Notepad (Ophelia's Song)

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"He is dead and gone, lady..."

Poor Ophelia. Driven mad by the death and secret burial of her father, and perhaps by Hamlet’s conduct toward her as well, Ophelia sings a series of songs about false young men and corrupted young women. This one is sung to Queen Gertrude in act 4 of Hamlet.

Handy pocket-sized notepad with a printed cover, and containing approximately 80 taped sheets of plain paper.


Size: 148 mm x 103 mm 

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Song sung by Ophelia in act 4, scene 5 of Hamlet