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Shakespeare: His Dramatic Acts by Andrew Donkin


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Everybody's heard of William Shakespeare. He's famous for writing a few plays, having a bit of a way with words and creating characters like romantic Romeo and murderous Macbeth. But have you heard that William:

Did a seven-year vanishing act?

Nearly had his head chopped off by the Queen?

Nicked an entire theatre?

Now you can get the inside story with William's secret diary, find out the news of the day in the Shakespearean Sun and prepare to be amazed as the curtain is raised on Shakespeare's most dramatic acts.
Everything you could ever want to know about Shakespeare!

Every purchase you make supports the work of Shakespeare's Globe. Thank you!


Author: Terry Deary

Format: Paperback

Size: 220 mm x 150 mm

Pages: 192

Reading Age: 8 - 12 years