Drama Games for Classrooms & Workshops

Drama Games for Classrooms & Workshops

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Jessica Swale

A dip-in, flick-through, quick-fire resource book, packed with 101 lively drama games for use in any classroom or workshop setting. The games are suitable for players of all ages, with many appropriate for children from age 6 upwards. Whilst aimed primarily at school and youth theatre groups, they are equally fun - and instructional - for adults to play.

They explore a wide range of core drama skills: energy, focus, teamwork, trust, character, storytelling, imagination and improvisation, as well as warming up and cooling down. Each page features clear instructions on How to Play, notes on the Aim of the Game and advice on age range, number of players, timing and skills developed 

The games are also ideal for directors in the rehearsal room, searching for new ways energise and inspire actors.