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The Hamlet Study and The Death of Ophelia, hardback book

The Hamlet Study & The Death of Ophelia

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In December 1904 the Polish actor Kazimierz Kaminski visited the poet, playwright and visual artist Stanistaw Wyspianski in his Krakow home. In the days that followed Wyspianski wrote down his thoughts about Shakespeare, history, Hamlet, and an ideal modern Polish production of the play in an extraordinary, feverish torrent of scholarship and imagination. The result was rushed into print in 1905. The conversation between Wyspianski and the actor never resulted in the ideal production, but this book emerged instead: The Hamlet Study. It is one of the most dazzling pieces of literary and dramatic criticism in existence.

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Author: Stanislaw Wyspianski 

Format: Hardback

Size: 133mm x 240mm

Pages: 176


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